Come Fly With Us
At the Flying Circus

Postponed to 2021

Tough decision for 2020, but the prudent thing to do.  After 8 years of ushering in

spring with some high quality flying, we're gonna press pause for year 9.

But this is only temporary. We plan to be back in action for 2021 for our 10th annual Flying Circus.

That said, if you are flying around MO32, please stop in to say hello. 

As Motel 6 says, "We'll leave the light on for ya...".  Be blessed and stay safe and healthy.

Tentative Agenda

The agenda always changes so be sure to come hang out to see what new items have been added.  Each year we set out to make the event a bit different and just like the sign says coming down the road to the event, "Next 1/2 mile, one thing after another!"

Key Safety Information

Safety is our number one priority.  We need your help.  When flying, always do it safely.  Around here, the best landing is always the one after the go-around.  And when watching airplanes, keep an eye on one another and help everyone stay clear of operating aircraft.  Finally, let's have fun!

What to do

We hope that you can host your own micro-event during the broader event.  Basically, you can come immerse yourself in all things aviation and take in the sights and sounds of all aspects of flying.  This is paired with family friendly activities and live music. Definitely something for everyone.

About Golden Aerodrome Annual Flying Circus

When we started planning for a fly-in in 2011, we envisioned a local destination for area pilots and friends to come enjoy a camp-in fly-in.  You have made it a success! Thank You!

Each year, we celebrate a people group in the community.  Be watching for our annual fliers that detail the focus group.  In fact, a few years ago, we were blessed by 


Each year, we are able to hold this event through your generous donations of time, talent and resources.  Please help us be successful in this celebration by being a part of what has become an annual tradition.  We are so grateful for each of you and your support! 

Contact us...

479.685.8380/ 417.846.3237

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Flyin: Last Full Weekend in April Every Year

(But if you're flying over any other time, please stop in to say hello...)


Our address is:

MO32, Table Rock Airpark

22346 Farm Rd. 2274

Golden, MO  65658

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