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What to Do

We want you to come and enjoy a weekend of flying, camping and fun.  A recommended donation of $25 per person will provide all we need to cover supplies for dinner, camping, and entertainment.  If you fly-in, know that we have plenty of transportation available for a food and adult beverage run, located only about 5 miles away. We also will have food available on-site.  Just bring yourself, your stories, your good friends, a sleeping bag and your lawn chair.  This will be the best way to ring in the summer flying season! 

What? A Homebuilt Corsair 

April 28, 2016

Dennis and Tim wow'd the crowd this year with their mini scale version of the WWII fighter, the Vought F4U Corsair.  They started from model plans and stick-built this aircraft out of aluminum, much of what they bought from the aviation industry around Wichita Kansas.  Both Dennis and Tim are avid builders and do an awesome job of keeping aviation fresh and fun!  Thanks for sharing guys!


Our 5-star volunteers range from boy scout troops that help us manage parking to people selling t-shirts.  All of you that donate your time each year are what what makes this even remotely possible.  So thanks for your service (and if you want to serve, come to the main table and say you want to help out- we'll gladly find you a task.


And most importantly, you are the reason we do this every year.  We continue to see each of you come every year to help us help others get excited about aviation.  And many of you have gone one to pursue your own aspect of aviation.  So thank you for making our event a success every year!  You are all 5-star attendees.


And YOU!
Crew (Pilots, Volunteers, Sponsors, YOU!)

Our pilots, volunteers and attendees are what make this event so special every year.  Please share this event with your friends and family- we hope that each of you feel made welcome.


Let's face it, our 5-star pilots are what makes this event so memorable.  We are grateful that all of you come share your piloting skills and your beautiful aircraft with us each year!


So you say you want to camp- U Bet! 

January 29, 2018


You won't want to go home Friday and Saturday night- we have campsites with electric ready for you (30A 1st come, 1st served).  And for those of you that would rather tent camp, we also have inside camping in the barn in the back.  We can accommodate everything from Class A RV's, 5th wheels to tents and sleeping bags.  We have tons of room in the area behind the hangar for a camp fire and some good stories.


Our 5-star sponsors include many local donations as well as corporate sponsors.  We are so grateful for our long-time corporate sponsors, Summit Aviation, Heritage Indian Motorcycle of NWAWillis Insurance and Freedom Bank of Southern MO.  Thank you!!!


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