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Key Safety Items

Keeping everyone safe is a top priority at Golden Aerodrome.  We will be providing taxi guidance (especially for taildraggers) to keep people and aircraft protected.  When you taxi or walk around, look out for our volunteers- they will be guiding you.  And for all the pilots, don't forget!  Prior to all flying, the PIC must become fully briefed.  It is the PIC’s responsibility to assess all risk– you bend it, you fix it- Let’s BE SAFE!!!

-Runway slopes uphill to the East

-CRITICAL POINT:  Arrive East Uphill (take wind into account), Depart
West Downhill, Pavement or Grass on South Side Pilot’s Discretion- watch tail winds on arrival

-Departures on 29, Arrivals on 11, both Left Handed Patterns- See YouTube Channel Golden Aerodrome



Call into Unicom on 122.9 10 miles out.  We have some aerobatic operations planned, and may need to sequence you in.  Always be succinct in your communications, but please over-communicate as we all tend to under-listen.

-Monitor and Self Report on 122.9

-Listen 25 miles out, report 10 miles out

-Note: Eagle Rock Bridge, 2.5 mi. W, MO00 3 mi. N

-Use VFR Flight Following to MO32

-Safe Arrivals and Departures are PIC’s responsibility

-Be vigilant for non-radio equipped traffic


Traffic Flow

In 2017, we were blessed with a new Asphalt Runway.  This is super exciting for us- we hope it convinces you to not be a stranger during the rest of the year.  You are always our guest.

All Grass has been rolled.  Hard surface renovations complete- use grass or pavement.  Self announce on 122.9 (Table Rock Airpark- some radio guidance provided).

As soon as possible after arrival, turn left and taxi to Parking/ Camping.  Follow the flag folks to parking- Tailwheels- Pause before crossing road until you have wing walkers to be your eyes.

For departure, start and enter line for taxi/ departure.  Wait for flag folks for direction.


Flying Circus Details

This is a fly-in after all and as luck would have it, we love to fly during the event.  Typically we will have candy-drops, the potholder pant, critter catch (stuffed animals of course) and maybe even an aircraft parade.  The diagram to the left shows the traffic patterns best. 

As you can see, the orbit is a counter-clockwise orbit with controlled entry to the field in the same direction as a standard approach.  Be sure to watch the runway environment, and if making a low approach, please maintain a minimum of 1300' MSL during your go-around.

Same as before, please be listening to the unicom frequency on 122.9  Be listening for mandatory briefings prior to all Flying Circus activities


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